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The 3D-BRICKS consortium was specifically assembled to unite the largely cross-disciplinary expertise that is crucial for the ambitious objectives on 3D CNT nanoelectronics, and to implement the developed technology in industry. The Prof. G. Acuna group at Friburg will provide the DNA nanotechnology pushing the design and synthesis towards 3D. The collaboration between Friburg and R. Seidel (University of Leipzig) will provide new DNA designs and methods to arrange nanomaterials, both CNTs and metals to the 3D DNA template. The already demonstrated strong collaboration between B. Flavel (KIT) and S. Cambré (Antwerp) will be the key for the development of engineered CNTs. Prof. R. Wiesendanger (Hamburg) and C. Sotomayor Torres (ICN2) will provide methods and tools for the hybrid DNA - 3D CNT nanostructures characterization and deep physical mechanism comprehension. R. Proietti Zaccaria and D. Garoli (IIT) contribute with the nanofabrication of the arrays and the electrical readout devices.