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3D-BRICKS will provide a novel platform for the next-generation of electronic nanodevices (logics, digital circuits and memories). Hybrid DNA-nanostructures/carbon nanotubes (CNTs) will be developed for the realization of three-dimensional (3D) stacked transistors at high density, combined with a new series of designs for reproducing all the fundamental logic ports that will be fast, reliable and easily interconnected via planar (2D) and 3D configurations. Moreover, the same approach will be used to implement storage circuits (non-volatile memory) based on CNTs. The development of hybrid DNA/CNTs systems will be a paradigm change for nanoelectronics and computing, areas in which the current demand of new devices is rapidly outpacing the capabilities offered by semiconductor technologies.


The 3D-BRICKS Project is supported by nine partners from research institutes, universities and companies based in five european countries. For more information please visit the partners page.